Every house deserves its own door


Design a new line of doors that, in terms of style and appearance, fit within the current architecture. Nowadays you see many traditional building styles in a toned-down and modern version. To connect with this market, three housing construction styles are defined: environmental, modern and nostalgic. Starting from these styles, many designs have been made that provides HEBO the opportunity to offer a varied range.


The environmental style, which takes into account an environmentally neutral habitat, is divided into natural and industrial appearances. Natural materials, the transition from the interior to the outdoors, and the contrast between organic and geometric forms are typical of the environmental-nature. Industrial materials, sleek lines, and functionality catch the eye with environmental-industrial. Both environmental versions exhibit a robust appearance with a strong expression of materials.

Modern is characterized by aesthetic surface patterns and/or pronounced iconic silhouettes. There is a great contrast in colors and materials and the design is minimalistic with no decorative elements.

The nostalgic modern styles refer to the building styles of Old Dutch canal houses or homes from the 1920s and 1930s, but are somewhat simpler and sleeker.

Based on these construction styles, some forty designs were created that fit perfectly within HEBO’s portfolio.




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