Eaton ID – Corporate Identity on product level

Problem Definition

Eaton had the problem that its products had no recognizable corporate identity whatsoever. Is it possible to create a corporate identity in products with very different functionalities and construction?


By selecting a format of 6 prescribed styles, it was possible to create a sound corporate identity that fits with the existing graphical corporate identity in terms of design and also fits with values such as high tech, reliability and quality.

The 6 prescribed styles establish how to deal with:

  1. The choice of color combinations, materials and textures
  2. General styles and typeface options
  3. The application of box borders
  4. Grouping of functions
  5. Typically defined form for borders
  6. Typography of logo and its placement

Due to the great variety of products, it is not always possible to apply all 6 styles. Despite this, the result is such that a clear, recognizable style has been created.


Design, Engineering