Joy Safety Car Seat


Design a safety car seat for three age groups, 0+, 15 months – 4 years and  3 – 6 years. Design the installation/use in such a way that misuse is avoided. Integrate the intelligent HUGGINGO system to for ease of use and to prevent misuse. Integrate side impact protection system. Integrate heating and fan system



The design is inspired by human-friendliness. The soft shapes, the flowing contour lines, the friendly interaction with the smart device (heart as welcome and smileys for good installation) and the user-friendliness form a human-friendly unity with the safe cocoon of security of the seating area. The base has a contra shaped seat area which is reinforced by the two sides. This enhances the cocooning comfort and friendliness of the seat. The hexagonal grid at the rear creates a dynamic ventilation pattern and reinforces the smart character of this child safety seat. The sun visor reinforces the safe cocoon through its segmented organic shape.

Three different installations for the three different age sectors make correct installation easier for the user. The inclination and rotation of the seat can be adjusted with one hand. Both forward and reverse installation can use the smart ISOFIX interface to install the seat correctly. The interactive sensors will give alarm in case of wrong installation.

The unique intelligent HUGGINGO system and the interactive design of humanity brings convenience to the users to guarantee the safety and health of children. The dynamic icon is presented by the humanized and friendly display mode of the innovative dot matrix screen. It provides a warning of oblivion system to avoid children being forgotten inside the vehicle and an intelligent temperature control system (temperature sensor, fan and heating). With the integration of the mesh design in a large area, it keeps the air circulated and ventilated, providing a comfortable riding experience for children. A beep indicates incorrect installation or a detached safety belt during the ride. An app display or voice system on mobile phone can also monitor children’s riding status.


Red Dot: Product Design 2021


Design and engineering support


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