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Designing products for people, planet and profit

DE Design is an industrial design agency with creative individuals who develop products in the Medical, Industrial and Consumer field with lots of passion and great care. Together with you we want to think about how we can improve our world. Creating products for people, planet and profit. With sustainable solutions, care solutions, creating products that improve the quality of life, creating successful products which suits the need of their users.

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Succesful solutions with holistic design approach

We are focused on finding the right balance for each specific product in an aesthetical, functional and economical attractive way. Our expertise is to translate emotional design values into successful products that match the perception of the end-user. We are not only specialized in quality design, but also in engineering good producible products with complex functionality.

In more than 30 years, we gained a lot of knowledge in a wide range of product categories

In more than 30 years, we gained a lot of knowledge in a wide range of product categories. By integration of today’s aesthetics, ergonomics and most suitable production technology, we enable companies to enhance their market position. Our designers and engineers work together, as a close team to get the best of both worlds. This leads to creative, functional and constructive results. Besides physical products, we develop Graphical User Interfaces. Since we understand every aspect of your product, we are able to design a matching GUI to the device.

And always… we are willing to advice you in any way.

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A good idea is nothing if it can't become a good product.

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