Indoor Antenna Line-Up


In many homes an indoor TV antenna is the main source for television signal. These antenna’s need to be unobtrusive, but for the best reception positioning is essential. The new indoor antennas for One For All are designed with a soft and homey look and feel. Fabric material brakes the larger surface of the antenna and provides a warm look and feel. White indication LEDs are nicely hidden behind the fabric to give a subtle feedback about the signal strength.

The antenna’s brake with the tradition to position an indoor antenna as a technical, black tv accessory. The white housing is complemented by a light fabric that blends the TV antenna even more into the interior. This will impact the product perception and therefore the placement of the antenna.

The Homey Antenna Plus offers up to 5 different ways of positioning. From hanging to standing, in a portrait or horizontal orientation. This way any user can fit the antenna in the best suited location. The cable can always be guided towards the best exit position while the multi-directional antenna makes sure that in all these positions the signal strength is guaranteed.

We are proud to say that both Antenna’s received a Red Dot Award for product design.


Design, Engineering


One For All