Tripod TV stand


TV’s are getting bigger. People are moving more often. You don’t want to drill a load of holes in your wall to mount your TV. You want to be flexible. Easy. At the same time we see TV’s are also getting smarter. You don’t need a huge stack of equipment. Netflix and Spotify allowed you to get rid of all your DVD’s and CD’s. You really only need your TV.

One For All believes that placing your TV in your house is not just a necessity. Your TV deserves to be the centrepiece in your living space. A TV stand should be an extension of that, a piece of furniture with an identity. We designed the Tripod TV stand to match those requirements. Carefully selecting 2 CMF directions by combining natural wood colours together with warm powedercoated aluminiums. The 2 color options offer the variation needed for different home interior styles.

We are honoured that the Tripod has been awarded with the Red Dot Award for product design.


Design, Engineering


One For All