KITA Remote Control


KITA is a premium Android TV remote control. A thoughtful analyses of the Android TV user experience has led to a few unique features that will create a new Android TV experience. Universal Electronics (UEI) adaptive control technology sits at the core of that experience. Blending hardware and software into one seamless user experience, the adaptive control technology shows only the relevant keys, enabling more engagement and reducing control stress. Whichever streaming app you are using, whatever device you are controlling, only the buttons you need appear.

Part of the premium user experience is fast and easy charging with a USB-C cable. A perfect match with today’s smart devices. It also removes the pain of replacing batteries, thereby saving an average of 26 batteries per user!

The CMF design is characterized by a warm 2-tone combination that visually divides the remote into control and discovery zones. The bottom inlay is designed to add a warm and unique touch helping TV brands to stand out in the Android TV world.

We are delighted to say that KITA has been recognized with a Red Dot Award for product design!


Design, Engineering


Universal Electronics