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Design for

Design for

Xtend Smart Hybrid


Joy Safety Car Seat

Smart Streamer Remote

Quadpod TV stand

4K mini TV box



DOT Sensor

Element Stroller

Water Plant Basket

IPTV set-top boxes

Flux TV Mount

EOS Remote

Falcon TV stand

Chat Rickshaw Transport Bike

Indoor Antenna Line-Up

Stratos 3

Tripod TV stand

KITA Remote Control


Ecoclean – WiTechs ID

Design Antenna

Streamer Remote Control


Maestro 100

Dorc Eva

Tuli Series

Garden Light Design Line

Freedom Boom

Optical Inflammation Detection

Manchester United Tires

Signal Supervisor

MTi – 680 Series

R160A Car Seat

Bicycle Tires

Indoor Antenna


Orthotic Knee Joint

MTi-600 Series


LED Traffic Light

Falco Bike Storage

Traxion Harvest

Hand Scan

Control Unit and User Interface



J:COM Remote Control

Designing products for people, planet and profit

DE DESIGN is an industrial design agency based in Enschede, The Netherlands. In more than 30 years, we gained a lot of knowledge in a wide range of product categories, like consumer products, products for healthcare and products for industries. We are not only specialized in quality design, but also in engineering good producible products with complex functionality.

We believe that every product tells a story to the user. Our expertise is to translate emotional design values into successful products that match the perception of the end-user. Trends, perception, new technologies, usability, brand identity and good producability are our focus points when it comes to to designing new products. We help our customers to create succesful products, from the first idea to production.

As designers we like to contribute to create a better world as well. We focus not only on usability and functionality, but also on sustainability and circularity. Designing products for people, planet and profit.

Ready to turn good ideas into successful products together?

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