Dorc Eva – An innovative Cataract and Vitrectomy system that puts surgeons in absolute control


Design a casing for a modular vitrectomy system for eye surgery. Take into account all requirements of use, technology and regulations. The new design must be better than that of the large competitors Bausch & Lomb and Alcon.


A prize-winning and distinctively designed system that brings together all high-quality technology in one product. The supplied technical file is ready for production. All details are coordinated with the various suppliers to arrive at an optimal result. The design brings together various materials and production techniques to form one clear whole.

The product joins a great amount of functionality with instruments to make one clear whole that is easy to operate. The design supports the use and underscores the quality and precision of the fine mechanical technology. The product has an accessible and friendly design with a strong professional character, which makes this fit in well in the medical environment of an operating room.


Design, engineering and marketing support