4K Mini TV Box


Design a new compact IP based STB or dongle that fits into the ‘Hardware design guidelines’ defined by LGI. This new product will be designed to place behind a TV set, to take it with you, but also as an object fitting into any interior. The new TV receiver, with USB connection (DC power will come via the USB) will communicate via wifi or ethernet and on the main TV via HDMI.


Designed as part of the Liberty Global product family line, the small portable 4K Mini TV Box is the next evolutionary step towards a more human centred design. It is designed as unobtrusive object to fit in any interior. The main body consists a frame and a core. The frame is the functional shell of the TV Box housing all technical functions like connectors and button. It has a basic square shape with rounded edges. The core inside the frame represents the emotional part. Its fabric upholstery provides the human touch and makes this TV Box a part of the interior. Frame and core are visually pulled apart by an emphasized gap. The light of a single multi-coloured LED hidden in a corner under the fabric is reflected in the glossy surface of the gap providing a unobtrusive indirect feedback light. All the feedback is communicated using this single LED. Sustainability is a key part of the design. The small size of this TV Box saves on material use, of which 35% is also recycled plastic. Energy consumption is drastically reduced and the 4K Mini TV Box is suitable for disassembly for refurbishment and recycling.


Red Dot: Product Design 2021


Design, Engineering


Liberty Global