Dorc Eva

An innovative Cataract and Vitrectomy system that puts surgeons in absolute control.



An Imaging device to support in Monitoring and treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.



Disruptive ideas turned into tangible products.

Design for Healthcare

D’Andrea & Evers Design is an industrial design company with many years of experience and specialized in medical products. We develop medical devices for diagnosis, care and self-care in the field of life science and health. Projects that we have realized are an operating system for eye surgery, a hand scanner for rheumatoid arthritis, booms in operation rooms and a cath lab (catheterization laboratory).

Design, functionality and usability are key issues in our experience regarding medical products.

We are seeking for product development projects in the field of life sciences & health. Companies that provide medical end-products for end-users, who are willing to outsource some of their R&D activities with a focus on design aesthetics.

The design of medical equipment and items is determined to a large extent by issues like ergonomics, functionality and hygiene. Due to the strong emphasis on such quality requirements, the end user’s emotional experience is often given insufficient attention. Nevertheless, it is precisely this category – that of medical instruments and aids – in which it is vital that the user is comfortable with the product.


Freedom Boom


Dorc Eva

IO Blue

Optical Inflammation Detection

UltraSpeed Transformer

Orthotic Knee Joint

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