Flux TV Mount


The One For All Flux wall mount is designed to enhance smooth but controlled movement of the bigger TV sets. The 4 casted metal arms of the wall mount can hide and guide the cables from the tv towards the wall and are designed to create a large wall distance of 700mm for TVs up to 30kg. Making it possible to always find the best viewing angle even for the largest TVs. In the centre of these 4 arms sits a gas spring to guide all movements. When moving the TV towards the preferred position the gas spring will create an ultimate sense of control. Together with the anti-scratch padding on all touch points this ensures that both the TV and walls are protected. The two tone colour design visually connects the TV to the wall and explains the functionality to a user. The white design of the wall plate and arms blends in with the walls while the dark grey frame aligns with the backside of the TV.


Design, Engineering


One For All