Streamer remote control


The traditional way of watching television has changed a lot with the rise of OTT boxes and app based video services. This demands for a different type of universal remote control aimed at a younger user audience. The user experience starts during set up with the colour ring around the main navigation key that guides users through the automated setup, helping to connect the universal remote to both their TV and OTT device. After set up the user can change the colour to create a personal appearance. Laser etched icons with white LEDs for backlight complete the visual experience by improving usability in low-light environments. Reducing the amount of keys to a minimum enables the small but defined form factor matching with the OTT devices in the market. A fine line pattern on the battery door turns a necessary, functional part into a characteristic and tactile feature of this remote, that sits nicely in the hand due to its weight and ergonomic shape.


Design, Engineering


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