Signal Supervisor – Communicate: safer and clearer with light

The Assignment

Design a high-end LED light bar for the American and European markets, especially for the ‘blue and amber’ market.


Two aspects were important for the development of the ‘Supervisor’ LED light bar: a clear communication with other road users and maximum visibility. Among other features, two light modules have been integrated for this purpose, on both the front and the rear side of the light bar. These multi-color modules are linked to the relevant vehicle. They serve as extra brake light, interval, direction indicator and flashlight (other communication options are possible in the future). In addition to these light modules, the light bar has the required flashing patterns, alley light and spotlight.

The sharp lining, flat design and the corner pieces that run somewhat high give the Supervisor an alert and authoritative appearance.

The LED light bar also satisfies ECE R65 SAE regulations, is IP68 waterproof and, due to its modular construction, is easy to offer in multiple lengths.


Design, Engineering


911 Signal