Slim TV Mount – Elegant design with minimum thickness and tilting/turning functionality


One For All wanted to have a new line of TV wall supports for televisions up to 32” (30 kg). The extensive requirements included different weights, degrees of freedom and maximum measurements. The indicated maximum wall distances also formed a great challenge. In general, current TV wall supports fulfill a technical function. In terms of design, they are not a product for the interior.

What was important with this design assignment was for a recognizable image to be developed for the 6 different models. We have decided to go with a clear, graphic construction that exudes confidence.

To strengthen the interior appearance, a conscious choice was made to make the wall part white and the part that is installed on the TV black. The brightly colored locking mechanism also plays a role here.

The reliability can also be seen in the cable management, for which the outdoor cords well-known to every consumer have been selected.


Design, Engineering


One For All